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Dr. Nathan Berry was born in Augusta, Georgia, and grew up across the Savannah River in North Augusta, SC. He attended the University of Georgia where he earned his bachelor degree in biological sciences. This is also the place he met his wife, Teresa, whose family lives in Madison, CT. Dr. Berry attended dental school at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in Louisville, KY, after spending one year as a dental assistant in Chapel Hill, NC. We at Hartford Dental Associates,are supremely confident that you will appreciate Dr Berry's approach to oral health care, sense of humor, and southern hospitality, too.

Monday, February 13, 2012

We hope this isn't how you feel about us but reason #6

Reason #6 I hate the dentist:

6. And now that we’ve gotten to that…attacks on your dental hygiene. “Do you floss 5 times a day?”, “Does your toothbrush get more action than you?”, “Do you consider using fluoride a must?” NOOOOO!!!! I will be the first to admit that I don’t floss, unless it’s on special occassions such as Hanukkah, which I don’t even celebrate because I’m not Jewish. Touching wet, saliva-covered pieces of string and pulling them in between my gums is not my idea of fun. I don’t even wear my retainer. How do you like me now?

The Redhead Chronicles 
Every story must have its writer 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Electric Toothbrush vs Manual Toothbrush

Wondering if that hi-tech power toothbrush on display at your dentist’s office is really better than the regular ones?

In addition to things like your brushing technique, how often you brush and the length of time you spend doing it, experts believe that the type of toothbrush you use will directly affect how well you remove plaque. Whether you use an manual or electric toothbrush the most important part is the proper removal of the plaque (bacteria).

Often times people have a hard time removing all of the plaque with a manual toothbrush, causing gum irritation, swelling, and even periodontal disease to occur. Therefore, it is recommended to patients that are having a hard time removing plaque to use an electric toothbrush to ensure that all plaque is adequately removed. Children often think electric toothbrushes are fun and will therefore use them more often. Elderly and/or patients that have hand/wrist dexterity problems are also great candidates to use a electric toothbrush vs a manual.

Technique, when brushing your teeth with a manual or electric toothbrush is another major factor. Ideally brushing with the toothbrush bristles angled towards the gum line ensuring the plaque is being removed under the gums is one of the best techniques, but there are a variety of techniques depending on your age and oral health.

There are a variety of toothbrushes and brushing techniques. Therefore it's very important to speak to your Dental Hygienist to see what is the best option for you!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Anyone interested in reason #5??

Reason #5 people hate the dentist

Whenever they insert those aforementioned tools in your mouth, scrape, and come up with some previously consumed snack food residue. They wince, you wince, and it’s just altogether an awkward experience and, I feel, an invasion of my privacy. You needn’t know all that I had to eat yesterday..or days prior.

The Redhead ChroniclesEvery story must have its writer. 10 Reasons I hate the Dentist


Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is the 4th reason why people hate the dentist?

Reason #4:

When the dental hygenist asks you a question and you clearly can’t answer because their hands are in your mouth. Really, trust me, I’d love to talk about my brother’s love of duck(which is somewhat strange, if you ask me, considering his former loves were Big Macs and turkey sandwiches) or the fact that I’m taking a semester off from college, which you probably think is extremely lazy of me, but I can’t. You inserted your gloved hand down my mouth cavity and I can’t speak around it.

By the way, we try our best not to do this here at HDA!!

The Redhead Chronicles
Every story must have its writer.
10 Reasons I hate the Dentist

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back from the holidays with reason #3!

We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. 
Here is reason #3 of why people hate the dentist:

3. The scraping tools. I should know what they’re called, seeing as my mother works there(although only as a receptionist), but I don’t. I just hate that feeling of hard metal, grinding against my teeth. Who doesn’t?

Every story must have its writer.
10 Reasons I Hate the Dentist

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reason #2

2. All the dentist speak. All doctors do it, so you know what I’m talking about. For instance, “She’s got a problem with her lower T-12. We’re going to have to ostracize it and cross-counter the white-balance so as to prevent problems in the future on that bicucpid.” Okay…what?!?! Speak English. I’m RIGHT HERE IN THE CHAIR. Also, what am I? A computer or a piece of hardware?!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

10 Reasons I hate the densist...

Because we all know how much everyone hates coming to the densist...

Reason #1
Because I really want to waste 30 minutes to an hour of my time just so people can poke me, prod me and otherwise get on my nerves.

...check back for the other 9 reasons!